Free presentation on µKPI for food microbiologists!

µKPI: Suite of tools for microbiological method key performance indicators

Free webinar µKPI - 15th October 2024

In this webinar, we introduce µKPI for verification of microbiological methods according to ISO 16140 Part 3.
The web-seminar will start at 9 am CST (Central Standard Time) and take about 30 minutes.

µKPI is a browser-based software solution and includes a suite of tools for determination of microbiological method key performance indicators.
A variety of protocols for in-house validation and verification of microbiological methods are available.
Using the Study Designer, you will be guided to an appropriate study design.

There is further guidance for setting up the experiment design, and data can easily be imported and saved in a database.
Experimental data are statistically evaluated, and acceptability limits are checked.
A report is generated automatically and can be downloaded.

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